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Disposable dual-chamber for tissue-like interfaces.

The dual-chambers are disposable elements adapted to commercially available 6-well tissue culture plates. Usefully, the dual-chambers allow testing two biological interfaced scenarios. Unlike the common transwells, our dual-chambers are adapted for 3D tissue interfaces.

Dynamic platform

Rotational platform for dual-chamber attachment

The dynamic platform performs rotational movements (vertical and horizontal rotations). The dual-chambers are magnetically attachable to the platform in 12 individual positions. When in culture, the rotations improve culture medium diffusion into the 3D constructs and control cell homogenization avoiding sedimentation. The horizontal rotations can perform 10 different and independent speeds. The vertical rotations can be set to any time delay.

3D scaffolds/hydrogels

Cellular scaffolds adaptable to the dual-chambers

The 3D scaffolds are custom made to fit the dual-chambers and to target the requirements of any specific cellular in vitro study. Thus, the material, porosity, architecture and mechanical properties are tailored according to your study specific requirements.


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