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B-CULTURE meets your needs

Scaffolds design and manufacture

We are specialized in scaffold and hydrogel design and fabrication. B-CULTURE is extremely experienced in working and modifying biomaterials from natural origin. Moreover, we blend natural origin with synthetic and ceramic materials. We can tailor structure size, porosity, degradation, mechanical properties, and architecture according to your application requirements.


3D printed chambers

We can tailor our chambers according to your needs to adjust the final technology in volume and shape. The final design can be provided in a final for 3D printing.


Cytotoxicity/Efficacy in 3D

B-CULTURE offers services on cytotoxicity and efficacy assessment performed in 3D constructs for preliminary screening of compounds, material, and molecules.


Reach us

AvePark - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia, 4805-017 Guimarães, Portugal